What Employers Want Out of Their Next Hire


When you evaluate a candidate, either face to face or on paper, you’re looking for more than the work they can do for you and the expertise that they’re bringing to the table. You want to see if they have the potential to be a real stand out success at your company, if they have the all around skill makeup to both get the job done and work well with others.

In other words, you want somebody who can do it all. Employers today want to make hires that have a more rounded skill set than at times in the past.

Sure, it’s can be great to hire the most competent candidate based solely on their skill set proficiency, but all that knowledge and experience is almost put to waste if they don’t have the communication skills to get their ideas across.

Even though the economy has been on the upswing, many employers are still making fairly conservative hiring choices. People are not brought in unless absolutely necessary and even then, employers want hires that can hit the ground running.

Self sufficiency is the name of the game and spending extra time and money on training for new hires is just something that fewer and fewer businesses are willing to do.

That’s why, according to CareerRealism, some of the top skills that employers are looking for in their employees are: Leadership, Communication and IT. Employers want to hire people with these soft and technical skills because they are some of the most accurate predictors of future success.

Leadership means more than delegating, and employee with strong leadership skills will always shine when things get down to the wire, working with others to make sure that everyone pulls through in the end. This strength of leadership combined with the communication skills to motivate others and the technical chops to produce high quality work independently is what employers should be looking for in their next hire.


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